If you looking for Sports Books, then these are the Seasons Top Sports Books

After a huge response to our last newsletter, some of our readers suggested worthy additions. We have reviewed and tried to list as many of those on the following pages of our website.

About The Authors:

These are some of our top authors for this months best sellers. Knowing more about the author of a book helps you know more about what you can expect to read. Their experience in sports betting, what to look for in a sports book will help you when placing a sports bet.

Josh Appelbaum:

Josh Appelbaum is a die-hard Boston sports fan from the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts. After graduating with an English degree from the University of Vermont in 2009, he moved to Boston and spent the Recession toiling in restaurants and gambling on sports with his friends (unsuccessfully). In 2011, he landed an entry-level position at Sports Insights, a leading sports betting analytics company. Here, Appelbaum learned the betting industry inside and out, along the way rising from Analyst to Customer Service Manager to Betting Hangout Host. In 2017, Sports Insights merged with four other companies to create The Action Network. Appelbaum now lives in Gloucester. He enjoys living on the beach, traveling, going to concerts, following politics and spending time with friends and family.

Kevin Dolan:

Kevin Dolan has been a professional sports bettor for almost a decade and in that time has achieved a sterling reputation in the industry backed up by numerous awards. In 2015, he won the World Series of Handicapping contest in Las Vegas. He currently lives in Seoul, South Korea and can be reached via Twitter where he posts betting information daily.

Pat Hagerty:

Pat Hagerty is the luckiest guy out there. He gambles the way he lives life. His goal is to get a little better every day. This has led to abundant success in his personal, professional and gambling life.  Besides being a degenerate gambler, Pat is the host of Club Shaw's Draft Party. He has written three other books on a subject you don't care about. He shot 67 at Red's, and leads his beer hockey league in penalty minutes. 

Matt Rudnitsky:

Matt Rudnitsky is the author of Smart Sports Betting, a self-published book that regularly tops its Amazon category in sales, and has made almost $9,000 in passive income, despite doing zero marketing. His third book, You Are an Author: So Write Your F***ing Book, teaches you how to do what he did as a 23-year old, unemployed fool. If he can write a book, you sure as hell can. His second book is under a pseudonym and you'll find its vulgar title in You Are an Author. Matt is also a Writer/Editor for Book in a Box, as well as an independent book editor and marketer. He likes turtle